Dear Friend,
This will be the ninth year of the Body, Mind, Spirit Connection, an organization whose purpose is to support the Benevolence Fund at CC Young and to reach out to the surrounding community through education on health and social issues. The vision is to provide a community where every life and every age is valued and enriched. Although we can't take care of all the Dallas seniors that are in need, we can make a difference. Outliving your income and assets can happen to any of us, and when this happens to seniors that have limited means and no family support, it can be devastating.
The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection plays a major role in helping the seniors at CC Young through the Benevolence Fund and Dallas seniors throughout the city through the CC Young Cares Program. This program has grown and now provides over 5000 meals annually to seniors throughout the metroplex. These meals are distributed by area churches. The meals are heart healthy, low calorie and flash frozen to protect the nutrients. This means we can supply a senior in need with meals for a week at a time. This program is funded 100% by donations.
We will have three lunch meetings which will include fabulous speakers. If you have friends who you think would enjoy supporting CC Young and would love to enrich their own Body, Mind, Spirit, please let us know and we will send them an invitation to join. Your support is needed and appreciated even more during these difficult times. If you are a returning member, please consider the next level of membership if you feel so led.
We hope you will join us for the coming year to learn about age related topics and support our senior community.

Margaret LaRocca                         Linda Barry
President 2021-2022                     Vice President - Membership